Corns & Callus

There are several types of foot corns including Hard Corns (Heloma Durum) Soft Corns (Heloma Molle) – mainly between your toes, Seed Corns (Heloma Mille) – often caused by friction and dry skin (Anhydrosis) & Neurovascular Corns (very painful) often associated with diabetes or smoking.

Foot Corn & Callus - Express Podiatry

What are foot corns & callus?

Corns are simply an inverted cone (pointing into your skin) of thickened outer layer of your skin. Callus is like corns except it’s just hard thickened skin (Hyperkeratosis) over a larger pressure area of your foot.

How do you get them?

Both corns & callus are due to direct pressure or friction (or both). They are caused by poorly fitted or tight footwear (causing friction / pressure / rubbing). Our clients often describe the pain like “a thorn in my foot”. Note, it doesn’t matter how expensive your shoes were if they cause pressure, they cause corns and or callus!! Dry skin & smoking may also predispose you to more painful corns & callus.

What can be done to fix them?

Both corns and callus are treated (debrided / enucleated) using a surgical sterile scalpel and or a specialised electric skin file. This is usually a painless quick procedure. Where necessary our podiatrist may use sterile dressings and or pressure deflecting padding for your comfort.

During your assessment, they will determine the exact cause of your corn / callus & issue advise to avoid recurrence. Our clients often remark “how can such a small thing cause so much pain”. So remember, buy shoes “that fit” (preferably in the evening as your feet may swell during the day).

Also remember, the price of the shoe has no bearing on foot pressure / friction (change style to a more accommodative type where necessary). Keeping your feet well moisturised will also help, and lastly stop smoking.

If all this advice fails then, contact us, we can help!!

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